FINDING love in the Philippines NOW

HELPFUL hints for fraternisation. If You want to find a girl/woman in the Phils. internet-tips (internet is a good way to be successful). First here: NEVER send money! 95 out of 100 money-transfers go WRONG! Result: money gone, girl gone. They happy, You are NOT!

Chances are: Even if she has learned nothing in school (because the schools are so bad, here!), she has learned EVERYTHING in life she needs to first open Your heart quickly (the money-emergency is ALWAYS already there, RIGHT NOW!) and then Your wallet! An honest and wealthy filipina is not searching the internet for men and then asking their money! And a GOOD pooor girl will not do that too.

EVERY serious dating-site warns You NOT TO PAY!!! They are right! Do NOT pay! NEVER before You know her well enough! Your money does NOT buy her heart, it buys her GREED, plus the greed of her tribe!

Even if You do not care for the sum: You do not want to be the stupid fool who is belied and betrayed. They will take Your kindness for a weakness of stand. They will laugh about You, how stupid You are, how easy it was to make You a fool.Right? You better prefer to be the smart guy. Right?

Only 5% of money transfers work out fine: Your risk! Everybody tells You that, but You do not care, You do not listen. You think You are smarter, and she loves You, so You think You are fine. You are not fine. Believe me!

Only give money if You REALLY know her WELL!!! If she is asking for money after only 3 weeks: do NOT trust her! Yes, I know: she needs a phone. Or a tablet. Or clothes (do NOT forget: YOU want her naked!). AND jewellery! Or food (do NOT forget: YOU want her slim!). Or an appendix-surgery. Or a caucacian nose. Or silicon-tits, for You, so YOU are happier. Or her mother/brother/pimp has AIDS and is going to die without medicine. There are 2000 more good reasons, and I know them ALL!

Right now the upcoming story is: "All my family was killed in the Super-Typhoon, and I am the only one left, the only survivor. Without You I am all alone, now."

Things start THIS way: First she needs a phone. You understand that, since hers is the cheapest (500 pesos), oldest, worst You have ever seen. So You buy her a reasonably priced good phone with all the bells and whistles that does the job well. You are down 7000 pesos. Then You realize that she feels SO unhappy. She will soon find a way to let You know that the most expensive Apple iphone is what she really needs. In a week moment when Your good reason is off duty You buy that. You are down 25000 pesos. You think the case is done, the problem fixed.

She happy, You happy. Since You are not asking the first phone back it goes to the pawn-shop. She gets 1000 Pesos for it. 6500 of Your original 7500 lost, for nothing. Her iphone already cost You 31500, this way.

Sorry, man, to disappoint You but "problem fixed" is NOT the case. You will learn that. Soon. Promised. If You buy a phone for Yourself You keep it for five years. This is not so with Your beloved Filipina. Because the iphone is soon gone. Lost, stolen, whatever. Heartbreaking story. Always. Makes You sad. Always. Opens Your wallet, again. Always. Meaning that after only a few months You buy the third phone. Since You know she needs to have one and You still want to talk to her. And since she usually starts the conversation with "I love You. I miss You (so much)!" You miss hearing that, too. You are down the next 25.000 pesos. Making it 56.500 pesos (= 1000 euros = 1200 US$) for phones in the first year You are with her.

Quite good for a little little lady that until now could make her overall living with 5000 pesos per month.

Just to give You the evidence: I sit in McDonald's. Right behind me a very pretty Filipina. She does her office-job. Meaning: While I am sitting there she calls 5 guys on her phone, each one starts with " I m-iii-iii-sss You-uu-uu SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!"

Next step: she needs internet-connection so she is out of the internet-cafe and You can talk to her anytime You feel lonely and for free with skype. To save phone-cost. Because she loves You she cares that You do not spend to much. You see she cares for Your money. You are lucky, You are happy. Sets You back 1000 pesos a month plus 20.000 pesos for a good laptop. But that is NOT an Apple. You already know that she desperately needs an Apple laptop.

Two popular variants are: "I walked thru the mall, and that guy just passed buy, took the phone out of my hand and ran." There are security-guards always near, in the malls. I asked: "Didn't You shout for help?" "I was too scared." The guards will SEE a running guy.

Number two: "I was robbed in a jeepney full of people. Nobody cared. He put a knife at my ribs." Every foreigner eats this one, even when he's mad at her. It melts his heart. Because he believes that jeepneys are inherently dangerous.

"Lost, stolen, whatever." (phone) means in reality: She gave the phone to her brother/sister/pimp. Since they need good phones too. Or she brought it to the pawn-broker. There it is with the first phone, then. They do that here. Common thing. She is NEVER going back to get it out of the pawn-shop again! It stays there forever. Same with the sweet golden necklace and the ring You bought for her. Or she sold it. Since she urgently needed money to buy food - or nice things to shop for.

So You pay 25.000 for a phone, and she gets 3000 pesos from the pawn-broker. 22.000 pesos gone for NOTHING. Plus the 25.000 pesos for the next phone. Money BURNT.

Now You think again: This is it. And again You are wrong. Because You are already in the next calamity. And You have long forgotten that I told You that, here, and You read that.

The "business-scam":

"My clever brother/sister is a hidden gem of a smart business(wo)man. (S)he only needs a little start-up money to get out of starvation/poverty/a criminal past/a criminal present and/or the prostituition-bar or whatever for the rest of her/his life! If they only get their chance for the first time in their life they will be able to feed their families and a lot of needy ones from now on."

And YOU are Santa Claus, You are the


spender, You are the fairy that can make this fairytale come true: by just giving a few bucks!

Made sense to me. So her sister got 60.000 PHP for a little convenience store.

And You feel SO good doing this, being the good helpful fairy! Do You? Well, I did NOT really feel good. Because my reason and my instincts sounded ALL the alarms, bells and whistles! Why did I do it nevertheless? Option a: I have no idea. Option b: I cannot always be right. Maybe I am wrong. Let's try it. Let them have their chance! - Was that smart? Or nice? Or WHAT?

Well, actually I thought that she can make it following my advice. Plus I was curious to see if I could make this a success, against all odds.A sporty competitive challenge.Hmmmmm. Error 404 came up instead.

Now comes: the "fridge-scam"!

She needed a fridge for her store. I call these stores "sorry-sorry-store"s, now.............

I wanted to buy a good new one in the mall. Was about 15.000 php, with warranty. "No, no, don't do that" they said. ""We only need second hand, saves Your money, and we are fine." My heart jumped from happiness: these are good girls, they are clever, they care for my wallet.

We know a good store, just nearby. I reversed the car - the one that they later stole from me: A Kia Sorento, only 30.000km, better than new, because I put in an extraordinary multimedia-system, a unique race-exhaust, and so on. With the Sorento I lost about 700.000php.

My ex-gf, my ex-SUV

The girls chose the fridge, I paid 8000 php. When the fridge was in the back of the car I wanted to leave. They said: "Wait, Sir!" The dealer just told them the fridge does not work. It needs 380V, but they only have 230V in the store. You need a converter. 3000 php.

I said: "Ok. I want my money back, take the bloody fridge out of my car!" My carpet in the boot/trunk was already dirty from some smelly leaking fluid. "They will not give the money back", they said.

I said: "OK, no problem, call the police - even though I already knew that this would cost me more money to pay the police.

"Not a good idea, Sir, because they will stab You". The store was in a bad area. I knew that. So I paid another 3000 for the converter to get out of there safely.

Three days later I came to the store and saw that they bought a large box of ice to cool the drinks. "I do not believe what I see" I said. I checked, and found the fridge running, but warm inside. Then I found they BLOCKED the cooling system in the back of the fridge with carton for whatever reason: the fridge was dead. 11.000 php lost, within 3 days. Won: just another experience.

I dropped by the store every other day, gave her advice and more items. She always nodded, but quite often my impression was she had no idea what I was talking about. She understood nothing. For 2 months I was being told every time: "Oh, it's good, I have my profit, I am so happy with it!"

Problem: There are so many evil people in this world. They betrayed her, they stole from her, they took advantage of her. That's what I was being told. (If I would tell You ALL the good explanations and excuses I got in 30 months here I must start a new website for that!) So: store gone, money gone. BROKE. In less than TWO months! Completely. Business as usual. NO, ZERO return. No income. Not even interest. Another 60.000 PLUS 11.000 for the fridge PLUS unbooked payings I gave and forgot evaporated into hot air, into nothing. The family could have lived from that money for quite a comfortable while. They preferred to be back down in the dirt, instead.

pictures coming soon!

And she gave her brother another 60.000 PHP to buy a motobike-sidecar (threewheeler) so he could become a rocketstarting new selfmade filipino business-millionaire and next-generation-pinoy Tycoon-to-be.

- There are several levels of individual transportation in the Philippines: Pedicab (man-driven bicycle with sidecar) - Threewheeler (about 200cc motorbike with sidecar for 3 passengers - You find pictures with tribes of more than 8 passengers inside these a lot in the internet!) - taxi.

Problem: You want to buy a bicycle, but what You get is a "bye!"-cycle. So, again: bike gone, money gone. BROKE. In less than TWO months! Completely. Business as usual. NO, ZERO return. No income. Not even interest. 60.000 evaporated into hot air, into nothing.

He could not even make the money to pay the 500 php interest. Or he chose not to pay You even though he could ........ and he SHOULD!

Once again I had a smart idea. Once again I learned that my smart idea was FAR from being smart. Because the locals are smarter. ERROR! Again. You already guessed it?

The idea was: OK, then we take the threewheeler and sell it. This way I get at least 30.000 php back.

I was wrong. Because they did not buy the threewheeler for the 60.000: they only made the downpayment at the dealer. Because they needed the rest of the money for a better life.

So BEFORE I could lay my hand on MY threewheeler the dealer already took it away from him. 60.000 gone, threewheeler gone. And I did not even get a free ride only once :(

My ex-gf, my ex-SUV

Explanation/excuse: .........

Until now I have no idea how such blessed given natural talents could go broke. But that's what they did. Faster than a threewheeler rides! You will roll on the floor laughing about the rest of the story of these business-start-ups!

To be continued soon. Just to give You a preview: Most stupid business I've ever heard of in my life! And I know some silly ones!!!

Since she does not have a bank-account (open one for her!!!) You transfer money with Western Union. Since she tells You this is easiest. Western Union is the next one who's smarter than You are! They are BLOODY EXPENSIVE!!! PLUS I heard of cases where money vanished COMPLETELY. My loss is about 300 euro before I stopped doing that. Now You know. Now You can forget that I warned You in time.

This story is not ended. So I will tell You more, soon. Now I am running out of time. C U. Be well! Take care!

No problem: You can get her! You can have her! But You can only keep her as long as You pay. She will never be in love with You. Already many guys in her wake. You want to be the next victim? Go ahead!

She can check-out any time she likes - and she WILL!

My advice to You is You are BETTER off with a cam-girl: She does not lie to You. Both of You know it is about the money, and the money only. Nothing else. Cam-girls are not betraying You, they are honest! They show You right away what You want to see. That's a FAIR deal!

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