It COULD look like this :)

.... but I don't think it will!

The stern is no good with the open steps: You need a difficult rudder-construction hung below the hulls for these. The rudders can easyly be broken, there. Plus the boat can easily be boarded, by Yourself, but also by intruders. Apart from that I love this design a lot and would plan to come near: I like the deck-saloon, the sunroof, and the cutter-rigg. These lines are elegant! It's spacey, and the rear terrace is superbe.The transom-hung rudder of TabooIII is easy to build, very stable, well protected against damage. Better for me, so: no steps.

1. Design

Required: about 20 x 10 m. Deckhouse. Rear: Sunroof. Gangway in front to be pulled out. I want to have a 2-person-motorbike, 120kg weight, 60 horsepower on board. There should be a lift to stow the bike easily in one of the hulls.

Several reasons for the deckhouse: You get four double-cabins plus baths plus stowage etc. Whenever rain is falling You don`t have to be in the cellar, but sit high and dry on Top, with harbourview. You don`t get wet when getting from one hull into the other (not possible aboard Taboo III). Sun will be everywhere, on deck. I want to have a shadowy area aft.

There`s no problem changing faulty parameters of the design.

Mr. Hausner has all my respect for his stringent thinking in regard of the drivetrain of his boat: 2 engines are a nonsense, since: One Diesel is absolutely sufficient, even in an emergency, if it is maintained properly. It will start and run without risk. Taboo sports a retractable hydraulic drive solving many problems served by conventional solutions.

Lots of websites of cat-owners show a massive accumulation of the problems You get with the usual Twin-engine-arrangement. A museum of HighTech-gadgets (one year later they are LowTech!) onboard of a state-of-the-art-cat may cause illegal wishes in third parties.

The world-famous german navigator Bobby Schenck nowadays has got such a catamaran after sailing the wrong ship most of his life. Informative: Double Magic, who thinks he even needs a third engine stowed underway.

Designed with the highly appreciated help of Google`s free but priceless "SketchUp"-CAD-Software!

Google Software

I thought a bowbowl was the most efficient solution in regard of water-resistance: But to many questions arise, and it's hard to build.

2010: The bowbowl will not come! To many uncertainties. Untested design.

Being told that my first design is a "wild box" and too far from being suited it is already history. New game, new luck. Probably a common phenomenon whenever an idea is being born.The second design sports a more conventional approach.

Decks still flat, same room, round "yachty" hulls. Hull-connection within the "box". Position of deckhouse and mast still variable.

2. Design


Better now?

3. Design













In this design we have a round bow, but it could easily be straight, as in Taboo III. Hull-height, waterline, displacement can be varied, to reduce "slamming", f.e. I hope the expert`s opinion now says that the ship does go through the wind properly, probably :).

Since I'm not a designer and not really capable of transforming my ideas into sketchup, the decksaloon looks pretty "wrong". But the drawings show some important elements of the hulls, and they give me an idea of the measures. Please notice the triangular structure of the hulls! This is as easy and in consequence cheap and fast to be built as it only can be. Plus if there are no complex structures to be realized the risc of total failure or severe construction problems is minimized. The triangle may not be as roomy as a u-shaped hull, for example. Since I got enough room this is not important. My boat will not have the rear steps down to the waterline, I guess, even though this is a VERY nice design, and it's easy to board the ship, especially if you're handicapped. But the easy access is there for intruders, too! Plus I can't hang the rudders there like they are hung at Taboo III. And these are good rudders in Taboo III: They are easy to handle, they can be self-steered, and they are very stable, reliable and effective. They can and should be pre-balanced.. In these books You read that rudders brake all the while. Those on Taboo III just ..... don't!

Another advantage of this design is that Taboo III goes well to windward, and tacks good. We need no keels and no daggerboards: I personally believe that these are a construction failure, especially the daggerboards, since they are difficult and expensive to build, and: senseless.And they are loud, they rattle when You are looking for silence!

I really DO love the triangular structure! The rest of the design of the first picture on top "TabooTwoo" is good for me: the deckshouse is elegant and comfortable. The sunroof is how I want it. I like the ship on top!

Taboo III ist , let me say: frugal in it's interior layout and extern amenities (the open deck with simple plastic camping-chairs).

I think the glossy superyacht-look can easily and to affordable costs be realised as well as a luxurious interior.

I definitely do not want the loads of electronics You do not really need. What You need in navigation is a GPS, and a laptop. There is a depth-gauge (echo sounder) on Taboo III, but it is seldom used. Hausner has a vhf-radio on board, but it is not installed. My technical layout will be much more since I want a good computer- (with TWO laptops at least, lol) as well as entertainment-system.

And it's easily possible to have a comfortable to luxurious interior. The question is whether You want it. I don't know for the time being, this might be decided in the future.

The Materials. You can build a ship from steel, or alloy, or wood, or even from concrete. In the sixties of the last century a boat-industry established itself taking glas reinforced plastic (GRP, german: GFK) for yachts, a revolution in shipbuilding. That worked quite good, apart from the fact that many of these suffered osmosis later on. Osmosis? Little bubbles in the material that filled with water like a sponge ship. These had to be treated expensively after, let's say, 10 -> years or so. Taboo III is built from wood (marine ply), with an epoxy-coating: No teredos, no osmosis, not much work to keep it fine. Works fine for decades now, is good enough for Mr. Hausner, is good enough for me. And: You get it everywhere, and it's affordable.

We were talking about safety-issues, before, in regard of the engines, f.e. Here is another one: these hulls are safe, since they are unsinkable, as long as wood swims in water, that is! You can make a hole into a hull, or into both. Water will flow in, and the draft will increase, but the ship will not sink!

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